Peggle Comes to iPod; I Come Apart

I understand that there are probably several million more traditional iPod users out there than iPhone and iPod Touch users. I've been content to live without officially-sanctioned games for my iPhone. But today Apple crossed the line: they put Peggle on the iPod but not the iPhone. I thought I had the world's most powerful phone here, Apple! What in the name of Philip W. Schiller's meaty forearms is taking so long?
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3 Responses to Peggle Comes to iPod; I Come Apart

  1. mujadaddy says:

    I thought I had the world’s most powerful phone here, Apple!

    Oh, Joel… You’ve been hornswoggled.

    It’s a cool phone.

    It’s a neat phone.

    But you can’t even receive picture messages.

  2. schmod says:

    Gosh… I must be some sort of dinosaur — my iPod only has breakout!

  3. Crash says:

    Apparently developing this sort of application for the iPod is untrammeled agony, which makes the high quality of this port all the more impressive.

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