What Disposable Cameras Can Do

Pim writes:
I sent a number of disposable cameras to a few people - children and farmers - at a small village in Lesotho, Southern Africa and asked them to take pictures of their life.  What returned are some truly amazing pictures, un-mediated by the professional photographer's eye. I posted a number of them here, you might find them interesting.  They are really amazing, especially considering they were taken by a throw-away Kodak, by folks who mostly had never even touched a camera before. We are doing this as part of our Menu for Hope, the fourth annual fundraising raffle run by me and a whole bunch of food blogging friends to raise funds for the UN World Food Program - last year's campaign did over $60K in two weeks.  This year's plan is to support the school lunch program in Lesotho, where the WFP not only feed the kids but is pushing a new initiative to buy from local farmers to support the program.  We help feed the kids, which keeps them in school, and also support their parents and community farming.
I remain ga-ga over the quality of pictures taken by those with no training. Keep these in mind the next time you try to convince yourself you need that $2,000 DSLR. Faces from Lesotho [ChezPim.com]
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3 Responses to What Disposable Cameras Can Do

  1. ill lich says:

    There is no machine that will make art.

  2. semiotix says:

    Heyyyyy… isn’t it your job to convince us we need that $2,000 DSLR?


  3. Anonymous says:

    I know film is a bit oldskool, but I spend 6 months on a project where I pulled apart disposable cameras and removed and replace the used canisters with fresh rolls of film.

    To do this I needed a bulk-winder and an assortment of not too butched but empty canisters – BUT they must be from disposable’s of the same kind as they have a little cog on spool.

    The fun came when I applied lots of vaseline or scratched the hell out of the lenses. Some very fun effects -> http://www.flickr.com/photos/raromachine/150111858/

    Pays to get friendly with the person at the photolab – I got a few kilograms of old film spools for nix!

    Also – beware of the cameras with flashes – once you get the housings off there are some metal parts which are connected to the thing that stores the charge for the flash. yeow!

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