Video: Seiko Memory Bank Watch Ad

What I find most interesting about the Memory Bank watch series is how forward thinking they were back at their introduction, but how little Seiko did over the years to improve the design. Casio (which I realize is not the same company) is still making "Data Bank" watches today that have changed little from the original design. [via Watchiso (with a "rotary LED" watch ad, too) via CrunchGear]
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4 Responses to Video: Seiko Memory Bank Watch Ad

  1. Hodge says:

    The Seiko was a much more solid (and solid looking; and much more expensive) watch than the Casio. I wish I had had the cash to buy one at the time !

  2. Simon Greenwood says:

    I had at least one Casio Databank watch. I think its capacity was about 18 *letters* or something. This was in the early 80s, maybe ’81 or ’82. It went the way of all Casio’s resin bodied watches though with the strap snapping and the holes that held the pins in place shearing when my Dad tried to fit a new strap. It felt like the future though. It’s probably still in a box in my house somewhere.


    I have in my desk drawer here a Seiko Data 2000 digital watch that I bought ca 1985. This snaps into a small qwerty kbd, allowing entry of 2Kb of text into 2 memories, which can be accessed with the watch on the wrist. This was the coolest thing 20 years ago. I’ve owned over a hundred watches since then, including over 2 dozen Rolexes and this has stayed in the collection. I still want the Seiko Wrist TV although its analog only receiver is about to become obsolete.

  4. John Hudgens says:

    I still have and wear a Casio DBC150 watch, although it’s not the original model I got almost 20 years ago – I think I’m on my third, as the buttons do get worn down and unreadable over time… it’s very convenient in those times I forget my cellphone, or need numbers I don’t call regularly that I’ve not saved in the cellphone…

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