Baker's Edge Brownie Pan Reviewed (Verdict: Not Worth It)

Farhad Manjoo reviews the Baker's Edge brownie pan, which makes sure no brownie is delivered without its share of fudgey crust. Sounds like a poor gimmick.
After testing it against a traditional brownie pan -- i.e., a $5 model from the supermarket -- I'm lumping the edge pan along with the other things I've been lukewarm about. ... Once I'd cut up the brownies from both batches into the same plate, they were virtually indistinguishable. I can think of many other factors -- the recipe, chocolate quality, baking time, oven calibration -- that would have made a bigger difference to the final product.
Also, Farhad, I got that egg-poaching toaster thing a couple of years back, too. I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I bet you're going to discover washing all that crap out all the time is going to get pretty old. I'll admit, though, the McMuffin clones aren't half bad. Especially sausage. Kitchen gadgets: You don't really need a brownie edge pan [Machinist]
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11 Responses to Baker's Edge Brownie Pan Reviewed (Verdict: Not Worth It)

  1. PattiS says:

    It must be a personal thing – Not Martha loves it.

  2. Domomojo says:

    Joflow is correct. The middle is the best.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I bought one of these for my wife, and it works great (if you like edges). So…matter of taste. Aside from the edge thing, it’s made of nice, heavy aluminum, so it is very solid, has a non-stick interior, and a cute little spatula sized for the channels.

  4. joflow says:

    I never understood this product. Who the hell likes the edges? I thought devouring the soft gushy inner pieces first was universal, and the crusty outside ones were for the Johnny-come-latelys.

  5. Halloween Jack says:

    Joflow: Word.

  6. MommysBest says:

    If you like edges I think this pan is worth it. My family frequently makes brownies, but we also make cornbread and mac and cheese using it. All of them come out delicious, baked evenly, and with tasty edges.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You know the simplest way to make awesome brownies every time? Use a good quality muffin pan. That is how I have done it for years and everybody always says “these are perfect!”. You get that nice slightly-crisp quality all the way around.
    plus, they don’t fall apart as readily and you can tweak the recipe more….this holiday batch I did this:
    Put a Hershey’s Hot Cocoa Kiss in the center of each one.
    Best part: it doesn’t cost upwards of $35.00.

  8. Matt Haughey says:

    Weird, I think Farhad is off his rocker. I got a baker’s edge pan based on Not Martha’s review and we love it. Middle brownies blow, they’re all gooey and you got nothing to hold onto. Edge brownies that come out of this pan have just the right amount of crunch.

  9. Kurt says:

    Who likes edges? Me, for one. I’m all about the slightly crunchy, chewy edge pieces.

    Sad to hear this didn’t work out.

  10. theghostoflordbeaverbrook says:

    Now if only they could make a gadget that makes a muffin with two tops. That I would buy.

  11. EricT says:

    If I remember correctly this product was invented by a Teen who won an award for the design. So snaps to the kid

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