John Gruber is Some Sort of Knee-Jerk Shill Who Rails Against Anything ‘Anti-Apple’ Simply for the Sake of Defending Apple, and if He Loves Apple So Much Why Doesn't He Just Marry Them?

Sorry, but someone had to say it. (For the record, I think Penenberg's a good reporter, but having only read Gruber's dissection of the Apple piece in Fast Company and not the piece itself, it does sounds like it's mostly shot-in-the-dark prognostication that doesn't even make the assumption that Apple will release new innovative or well-polished products in the next year. The problem with writing these sort of projection pieces about Apple is that nobody but Apple knows what's coming out of Cupertino in the next year.)
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8 Responses to John Gruber is Some Sort of Knee-Jerk Shill Who Rails Against Anything ‘Anti-Apple’ Simply for the Sake of Defending Apple, and if He Loves Apple So Much Why Doesn't He Just Marry Them?

  1. Tubman says:

    Joel, while it’s commendable that you point out that you haven’t read the piece you’re talking about, given that a large proportion of your colleagues/competitors would happily gloss over that particular detail, is there any particular reason why you decided to skip it? I mean, it’s the first thing Gruber links to in his piece, so it’s not like it was hard to get hold of.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was wasting my thursday googling variations on John Gruber is a __ (use your imagination) … and I found this page.

    So funny it’s still true, 2 years later.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That site was embarrassing when I had a mac – funny to think he’s still shaking his fist in impotent rage.

  4. tomtiki says:

    The FC article was “trolling” in print….write an article about Apple, sell some magazines.

    FC articles usually better than that.

    Jobs has the confidence to make decisions that everyone else thinks are crazy. American industry needs more Steve Jobs’.

  5. squarepeg says:

    Hmm, I’ve always thought Gruber was pretty fair when discussing things related to Apple. He is obviously an Apple user and has a generally positive attitude towards their products, but seems to have no problem criticizing them when he feels it’s justified. However he also has a low tolerance for gratuitous, anti-Apple FUD as he demonstrated in the post you link to.

    Tthe number of posts about Apple seem to be an increasingly small percentage of his blog. The rest are devoted to a variety of eclectic subjects of interest to him.

  6. dculberson says:

    Totally.. I found myself cringing at the quoted parts of the FC article.

  7. Kid says:

    He is the kind of warrior Apple loves: Defends for its products at all costs, while not leaking one single think secret. I don’t want to be one of them.

    But seriously, I doubt a lady would want to marry a guy who likes to start a fight with everyone thinking that he is defending for her.

    And that’s why he is not Apple’s PR.

  8. Wiley Wiggins says:

    Sorry, Daring Fireball is a great site and Gruber is a thoughtful and even tempered writer. There’s been plenty of criticism of Apple on there as well, in addition to calling out people for their “Apple is shitting in my mouth and calling it a Sundae” Hyperbole.

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