Portal in LEGO

I'm about as over Portal riffs (rifts?) as anyone—all good things must come to an end—but how could I not link this one? Best of the Orange box [Brickshelf.com via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]
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10 Responses to Portal in LEGO

  1. michaelportent says:

    What are you talking about? Riffing on Portal will never get old. Also, the cake is a lie!

  2. Wil Wheaton says:

    I’m making a note here:

    It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.

  3. Brian Copeland says:

    How was I out of the loop for so long with Portal? I just discovered it over the holiday.

  4. Hunty says:

    my undiagnosed OCD demands that I point out the lack of stilts. :(

  5. strider_mt2k says:

    Reminds me of “The Guardian of Forever”

    “Time is as it was. Many such journeys are possible. Let ME be your gateway!”

  6. kindle says:

    My 5yr old is going to be surely interested! :-)


  7. Davin says:

    Nice execution, but the design is janked hard from Tubbypaws’ papercraft model.


  8. Dillo says:

    “…Stop staring at the LEGO sculpture or you will miss out on your cake…”

  9. SC_Wolf says:

    I’m making a note here:

  10. Anonymous says:

    is that for sale ???
    ’cause I want one !

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