Amadana's Wonderful Cautionary Infographics

Stuart writes:
I was poking around over at Appliancist and they had a posting about a new toaster over by Amadana that looked pretty cool. So I hit the link to get more info. But at the bottom of the page, they had included some bizzaro info-graphics of thing you should not use the product for...
First, Amadana is a Japanese company, which explains why they might not have realized that a scapegoat isn't the same as an "acuarium." But bless them anyway. These are great. (I would question that there is anything a ninja couldn't do, should he put his mind to it.) The first row is for that toaster oven, the second and third rows are for an air purifier, while the last is for a hot plate. Informed!
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2 Responses to Amadana's Wonderful Cautionary Infographics

  1. oasisob1 says:

    Browse the site for additional exciting warnings including the following things you cannot:
    make your past disappear.
    count pinballs with it.
    fight with crocodile.
    control your girlfriend.
    climb the wall.
    insert a parking ticket.
    fake your body height.
    fly it as a kite.

    Uh, wait. They sell a book?!

    and the Electronic calculator for people with “competency”. LIMITED EDITION.

    The Amadana website is a true experience of the World Wide Waste of Time. Enjoy!

  2. Halloween Jack says:

    I think that they got “scapegoat” (decoy?) and aquarium mixed up, but otherwise someone at the company has a decent sense of humor. The aquarium reminds me of the Macquarium that someone made out of one of the original Macintoshes.

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