Fanimation Air Shadow Ceiling Fan with Retracting Blades

There appears to be absolutely no functional reason why the Fanimation Air Shadow ceiling fans retract its four blades when not in use besides "looking cool." But since the chunky metal design was already appealing, the fact that it closes in on itself like a flower takes it over the top. If you add one of the lighting kits that can be mounted below, the fan blades can retract to be fully out of sight. The basic fan itself is $500, with lighting kits adding up to another $400. Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy Oh Gizmo's curatorial acumen? Andrew Liszewski ends up discovering more things I find intriguing that almost any other gadget blogger. Product Page [ via Trendir via Oh Gizmo]
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4 Responses to Fanimation Air Shadow Ceiling Fan with Retracting Blades

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    I kinda dig stuff like this.

    The problem is how it will hold up over time and how it’s supposed to be dusted!

  2. 5000! says:

    Damn. I’ve been trying to find a not-atrocious ceiling fan for awhile now, and they’re always redonkulously expensive.

  3. kennyboy019 says:

    Hey, something on Boingboing I actualy know about!

    Fanimation makes some of the craziest fans around. I work in the lighting industry and I have only ever sold a couple of Fanimation fans because they are soooooo pricy.

    Quality is top notch. They have a very light spring loaded hinge that allows the blades to swing out as it starts to spin. The motor has a lifetime warranty (true lifetime, not 7 years or whatever) and build quality is what you would expect for a $500 fan.

    The point of the folding blades is this:
    When you pick the correct light kit it looks like a normal light when its not going. You cant see the blades when its not on. In not sure what light kit costs $400 though.

    But yea, nice fans. Check out their website

    And 5000!, try a company called “Minka Aire”. Their fans are great, and dont cost all that much.

  4. 5000! says:

    Awesome, Kenny. Thanks a million.

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