Indiana Jones LEGO Sets Now for Sale

The first Indiana Jones-themed LEGO sets are now available for sale. Above, the "Race for the Stolen Treasure" set (#7622). They're not actually all that spectacular, but I might pick up one cheap set just for an Indy minifig. They remind me quite a bit of the old Egyptian-themed sets from the '90s. Indiana Jones sets []
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12 Responses to Indiana Jones LEGO Sets Now for Sale

  1. Freddie Freelance says:

    I like the “Temple Escape” set, too; it even includes Jock & Reggie mini figs!

  2. wangleberry says:

    aw look at those cute little nazi helmets, no swastikas though, unfortunately.

    they ought to do “the great escape” set next

  3. deejsylvis says:

    Why the hell doesn’t Lego sell more of the minifigs separately? I would have bought a ton of Star Wars figs. I guess they’ve gotta sucker you into buying the $99 playsets, though …

  4. dunnright says:

    I like how the front grill bends back as Indy tries to hold on!

  5. pixelquarium says:

    Doesn’t this violate the unwritten Lego rule against contemporary weapons? I’m a little disappointed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    unwritten Lego rule against contemporary weapons?

    The Batman Lego already have guns

  7. boomer0127 says:

    My son got the Lego catalog the other day – one of the statements in the Indy set is that “Indy can even ride under the truck”, like in the movie. Made me think that Lego needs to make a Cape Fear set.

  8. cha0tic says:

    “…I might pick up one cheap set just for an Indy minifig.”

    But look at the truck! Just look at the truck. Want.

  9. mdhatter says:

    For decades, LEGO refused to make toy guns or weapons. Than they allowed swords and catapults, then space lasers, then cannons for the pirate ship, then flintlock style pistols, and now…. vehicle mounted machine-guns.

    As far as slippery slopes go, I fully expect an Enola Gay playset within the year.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You people are missing the point: you can get a LEGO Ark of the Covenant! Think, people! when it opens, the minifigs looking in it’s direction will melt! melt, I tell you!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think they’re releasing these to coincide with the upcoming LEGO Indiana Jones videogame (sucessor to LEGO Star Wars – they’re also making LEGO Batman).

  12. Evil Jim says:

    Wow, has the “Temple Escape” set for $105! The Legoâ„¢ website sells it for $60. You can get all four sets for $114 there too. Be careful where you shop. Me, I’m going for the big set.

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