LL-142: Classic LEGO Space Tribute Ship by Peter Reid

Peter Reid's "LL-142" spaceship model works on two levels, both as an ornately finished model with nary a smooth surface to be found* (almost too much so) and as a tribute to the old LEGO Space themes, completely with blue-and-grey color scheme. The cockpit is an "X-Pod," which were actually sold as carrying cases for small sets of LEGO but also had a simple 2x2 stud array at the top that made it possible to incorporate them into designs. They're somewhat highly sought after these days. Peter's LL-142 Photostream [Flickr via Bros. Brick] * This is known in the LEGO modelling community as "greebling."
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4 Responses to LL-142: Classic LEGO Space Tribute Ship by Peter Reid

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would just like to add that greebling is an expression that is far older than lego modelling and was originally used to describe the “guts on the outside” on the models used in sci-fi films and series.

    On the other hand, when is LEGO going to start hiring some of the geniuses from brickshelf, this is just the kind of sets I’d buy.


  2. strider_mt2k says:

    Now i want to find a couple of X-Pods!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for making my day, always good to read LEGO posts, especially ones that don’t say legos and do say greebling.

    An AFOL

  4. xadrian says:

    I couldn’t agree with #2 more. I stopped at Star Wars II (and since I’m a completist I need to get the rest of them.) But I still have my Classic Space monorail along with about 95 other sets and honestly the earlier space sets were better designed.

    I’d buy nothing but sets like this if they were offered.

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