Modern Mechanix Round-Up

The latest from Modern Mechanix! We look at an *interesting* way to carry a flash, and you thought your dad looked dorky toting his camera around? In 1936 there were almost 4,000,000 radios in automobiles, all after market. But look out America because coming in 1937 you'll be able to get a factory installed model. Would you feel safe taking off from this rickety floating "runway"? Did you think those coin-op drug store, blood pressure machines were a recent invention? Here's one from the 1930's. We also learned about a scientist who transplanted duck's legs onto and *into* chicken embryos. If you act quick, you can learn real Chinese magic in the comfort of your own home.
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2 Responses to Modern Mechanix Round-Up

  1. spike55151 says:

    Too bad this idea never took off.

  2. The Lizardman says:

    The Tarbell magic reference is a great piece of magic history.

    This is an interesting phrase from the copy: “read or write” ??

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