Alienware's Curved LCD Monitor Prototype

Alienware, the far-too-expensive boutique gaming computer company that was acquired by Dell, is showing off this surprisingly attractive (and potentially even useful) curved LCD DLP monitor at CES. It's over three feet wide and has a resolution of 2,880 by 900 pixels, which could be better, but as a prototype of a product it's pretty nice. I wonder, though, how a curved monitor would work for those who work on graphics or print? Big and flat is probably better. But for gamers it could be very immersive. Or maybe I just think it's neat because it looks like it should sit on the deck of a starship. Alienware Curved Monitor Looks Like It's From Another Planet [Gizmodo]
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10 Responses to Alienware's Curved LCD Monitor Prototype

  1. Cowicide says:

    > Still, props to AlienDell for thinking out of the box.

    Steve Jobs briefly sort of mentioned something like this quite some time ago while sitting with Bill Gates on some stage talking about technology. If you look for it, it’s on YouTube somewhere. I have a feeling Dell was listening.

    > I’d pay $1k for something like this

    …. and you’d get nothing like like this.


  2. Anonymous says:

    guys, guys, its alienware, they dont specialize in graphical PCs.

  3. gigarizel says:

    it is hard to tell from the image where the dlp projector is. Anyone know?

    If you are going to go this route why not a front facing dome?

  4. claud9999 says:

    Dculberson, properly-designed optics should be able to project onto a curved surface with little/no distortion…

    But a curved LCD would be even more interesting of a development, the optics and whatnot will make a curved DLP fairly deep, methinks.

    Still, props to AlienDell for thinking out of the box. I’d pay $1k for something like this.

  5. Beschizza says:

    No good for graphics work. Image quality on the prototype was grim.

  6. Anonymous says:

    thats MY kind of monitor!</fanboy>

  7. Anonymous says:

    Does it also come in Portrait orientation?


  8. Krisjohn says:

    I’m on a 3072×768 triplehead system at the moment, and the curve is definitely a good idea. I turn my two side monitors in a bit for comfort, as do most triple-head users.

    If I didn’t already have long term plans for a high-def projector-based home cinema system that I’ll be plugging a PC into I could definitely see me sniffing around this monitor.

  9. dculberson says:

    The advantage I could see to the curve is that it keeps the monitor’s surface a consistent distance from your face. I have a dual monitor arm on my desk and it is curved – so the two flat monitors sit at an angle from each other. (Ergotron makes cool stuff!) Having the monitor itself curved seems like it would cause a lot of distortion, though. Not such a big deal for games, but like you said, bad for graphical work.

  10. wangleberry says:

    the next step is a visor that wraps around your whole head

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