Blackbird Rider Acoustic Carbon Fiber Guitar

The Rider Acoustic from Blackbird Guitars uses carbon fiber instead of wood to create a lightweight guitar that they claim sounds as good as a traditional, full-sized acoustic. It's certainly striking. (And in a good way, unlike so many out-there guitar designs.) A DTAR Wavelength under-saddle pickup is a $140 option should you want to take the Blackbird electric. The guitar itself is $1,600 with a four-to-eight week waiting period. Like the sleek black aircraft with which the Blackbird shares its name, the guitar's pilot will tend to leak fuel (preferably a rye) until they have achieved altitude. Product Page [] (Thanks, Jon Ruiz!)
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7 Responses to Blackbird Rider Acoustic Carbon Fiber Guitar

  1. guitarnoize says:

    Check out Composite Acoustics, they do a much nicer looking carbon fiber guitar!

  2. Marshall says:

    I don’t know anything about guitars, but I like the sort of modernist aesthetic going on here.

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    LOL nice reference!

    Nice looking instrument too.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Carbon fiber guitars are great, I love mine (OM1000) for its durability, volume, tone and playability.

    Also check out RainSong:

  5. globule23 says:

    I also know nothing of guitars; beyond my friends’ picking and strumming. but man, thats gorgeous.

  6. twofedoras says:

    These have come a long way since Ovation started using composite materials in their acoustics. The Hallmark in my opinion has got to be Carbon Acoustics out of Baton Rouge. They were pretty messed up in Katrina, but have come back with a bigger, badder manufacturing facility. They sound like a mix of Breedlove and Taylor Guitars. Just amazing and punchy.

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