Knock-Off Consoles Take Real Game Cartridges

Rob Beschizza has spotted a curious thing at CES: several knock-off game consoles that accept actual game cartridges. That may seem logical at first glance, but considering that knock-off consoles have typically been bundled with hundreds of pirated games built-in, it's a bit peculiar to see these sorts of decks appear that seem aimed at legitimate game collectors. (Not that I have a problem with it! Someone needs to keep making old consoles even in this age of emulation.) Even better? The systems take both 8-bit and 16-bit cartridges. One even mixes Genesis and NES! CES 2008: Retro Console Clones Take Actual Cartridges [Gadget Lab]
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2 Responses to Knock-Off Consoles Take Real Game Cartridges

  1. Ryan Rapolsive says:

    These systems are very important especially to those of us trying to reclaim some of these systems we might of broken or got rid of.

    I have the original NES and everyone knows that dam spring loader system was just bad design. More moving parts, more problems.

    I tried out this console and pretty much works with every game.

    Guess what!? No blowing or stacking another game on top of it to keep it down.

    Only problem is the increase of value of the catridges, take a look on Ebay. You will understand why I own 2 Mike Tyson Punchouts.

  2. lia says:

    At some point in the late 80s, my favorite uncle fried two of my Famicoms in a row by plugging them into a 220 outlet. The third time I decided to spend my money on a Famicom clone—it was a stylish dark grey with rounded corners, and the controllers were easier on my hands.

    This page has a list of 366 Famiclones (I am too lazy to browse through and find the one I had though):

    The Wikipedia page on Famiclones is pretty great:

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