CookTek Portable Induction Cookers for Woks

Most of us are familiar with induction cooktops, which transfer heat directly to the pan but remain cool to human touch. CookTek has a line of portable induction cooking systems with LED temperature displays which are sort of neat on their own, but I think it's especially interesting that they make specialized models specifically for use with woks. Models start at $500 and go upwards of $2,000, depending on wattage. CookTek induction cooktop - portable induction cooktops []
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2 Responses to CookTek Portable Induction Cookers for Woks

  1. Benny says:

    This is a much safer method for a wok enthusiast then, let’s say… drilling a hole in the wall so I can run gas piping through and mod myself a propane powered specialty wok stand, just so I can start using the thin circular bottomed woks.

    I look forward to this product’s proliferation, but if the product’s designed to heat the pan and not actually create heat itself, I hope it won’t take long for it to make a wok reach burning hot. As woks sold for chinese restaurants (and chinese food enthusiasits) are actually thin pieces of metal designed to pass heat through quickly. I had to settle for a thick wok, just so it can retain some decent heat while I’m flipping the food (on my horrible flat electric stove top).

  2. bravo says:

    Yar! Induction cooking does not transfer heat to the pan, it heats the pan from within with special space rays (or something like that). That’s how the cooktop itself can stay cool, or cooler.

    Indeed, the wok version looks great though. BTW, have you seen the prices for induction cooktops? Ouch!

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