Rock Band Smoke and Light Show Accessory Coming in June?

A Destructoid reader spotted this listing for an "Interactive Light and Smoke Stage Show" accessory kit for the videogame Rock Band. Presuming it's legit and not a hoax, the kit will be available in June for a hundred bucks. This would only be cool—and I use "cool" liberally—if it were officially supported, with synchronization with the music in the game. That said, I've yet to pull out my Rock Band kit since our Fünde Razor charity event. I really liked the game, but just haven't been in the mood to rock solo since I've tasted the joy of full band play. Live the dream with PDP's Rock Band 'Interactive Light and Smoke Stage Show' [Destructoid]
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4 Responses to Rock Band Smoke and Light Show Accessory Coming in June?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ah but there are arcade drum games, have a google for Drum Mania (I assume from the same people as Beat Mania). The one local to me has the sticks connected via some nice strong cables that are attached to the bottom.

    Plus you could add in some turntables (Crackin’ DJ) and some DDR pads to the sides for the backup dancers… Now all we’d need is MoshMoshRevolution and you could say good bye to $100 concert tickets.

  2. felinefevah says:

    They have a arcade version of Rock Band where I work, a lasertag/arcade place. It only consists of guitar/bass though. The vocals wouldn’t work because it’s freakishly loud in the building. I don’t know why there aren’t drums. Drumsticks could get stolen too easily I assume.

  3. RyanH says:

    Personally, I’m amazed that they have not released a DDR style arcade version of Rock Band. You would need really heavily built instruments to survive long, but it could be done. I think it would be a real draw. Could build in lots of effects that would be impractical on a home console.

  4. Michae W. Dean says:

    Finally. They’ve figured a way to make money on air guitar!

    I’m all for it. Most bands suck, and I’d rather the kids next door waste their life with this than playing much louder actual rock ‘n’ roll.

    – Michael W. Dean

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