Portal Theme on 8080 Computer with C64 Sound and Assembler Source

A Portal fan has hacked together this “Still Alive” rig controlled by an Intel 8080 running at 2MHz, with a sound chip from a Commodore 64. Then he released the source code in Assembler. You win the fan prize, sir.

8080 Computer playing Portal Still Alive [YouTube via via RPS]


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11 Responses to Portal Theme on 8080 Computer with C64 Sound and Assembler Source

  1. Luc says:

    #1, it’s not two computers in tandem, it’s two screens (and a SID sound chip) attached to a home-built computer based on a 8080 CPU.

  2. lovemoose says:

    Excellent stuff. I had the song on repeat on my mp3 player for 3 days after I finished portal.

    If anyone’s in the mood for something similar, check out http://www.stewdio.org/jed/. It’s old, but I go back to it when all around me is fail.

    (Give it until 50 secs or so to really kick in.)

  3. Tim says:

    That’s great. I wish I could see the text better. I’m surprised a computer that old supported two monitors, but it’s a great effect. Maybe someone could get a pair of Apple Cinema displays and a red rotary phone to better imitate the Portal decor, run that program, and then film it in HD so you can see the ironically low definition characters better. It’s all gilding the lilly, but there’s nothing too anal or crazy in the world of video game fandom.

    Oh wait. I just realized it’s TWO computers working in tandem. But I still want to see a higher res version. The one hosted on the site still isn’t clear enough to really read the text.

  4. strider_mt2k says:

    Who else was singing to this? (show of hands?)
    Oh, so it WAS just me. :(

    I’m impressed!
    Not everyone can make that stuff go anymore.

    I was running two monitors as far back as my 7Mhz Turbo XT, although it worked best on a small form factor 12Mhz 286 rig I had later.
    I ran a CGA and later a VGA adapter right alongside a monochrome one, using a little DOS TSR to copy/paste BBS system info from lists to the monochrome monitor. It worked flawlessly, but I didn’t do anything more with it than that.

  5. dculberson says:

    I thought it was Terminate Stay Resident?

  6. Visitect says:

    I just crapped a giant pile of happy.

  7. PlayStar says:

    I making a note here, huge sucess. :D

  8. Skwid says:

    I was singing and bobbing my head, Strider. It’s hard not to.

    You can buy the Orange Box soundtrack (or just this song) from Amazon’s MP3 download store, and I had to go fire up the original as soon as I was done listening to this version.

  9. A New Challenger says:

    Yeah, this is pretty great.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This was a triumph!
    Well, somebody have to say it. ;-)

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