Skin Graft Designs Holster Bags

Although I'm not nearly thin or tattooed enough to wear these holster bags from Skin Graft in their suggested manner—shirtless, sexy, and smoldering—they would make great little gadget bags for those who can pull off the whole not-quite-gothy/not-quite-geeky look that so many of you young internerds seem to be doing these days. (Let's call it "shellbent-for-leather.") They're small enough they might be able to be worn under a jacket without issue, although I don't see any practical way to wear them under a shirt. And you wouldn't want to anyway, unless all your gear is sweat resistant. Prices are around $80 for canvas models, but go upwards of $200 for the ornate leather and brass versions. Catalog Page [ via Ectomo]
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6 Responses to Skin Graft Designs Holster Bags

  1. coldspell says:

    I was expecting the holster bags would be *made* from skin graft parts. :\

  2. niceshoes says:

    their shit is way tight. ive been to a few of their fashion/ trunk shows and broke down to buy some of which is a leather holster (the others were feather and chain accessories). the packs are removable and can actually be worn on your belt. its great for shows, festivals, or clubs for the ladies who hate purses. for men, ill admit you must be kind of fashion-y to pull it off.

    they actually just started an online store too which is awesome. if youre interested i think its


  3. Xiguli says:

    I hope you get over your body image issues and sport one of these on the “Studs of BoingBoing Calendar”. (2009? Fingers crossed!)

  4. Skwid says:

    If you need to carry a man purse around? You’re probably trying to carry too much crap. Simplify!

  5. Freddie Freelance says:

    Underarm holsters like that have been around since at least the ’80s. They used to be worn by couriers in NYC so “purse” snatchers couldn’t grab the papers they were carrying, and kept your stuff out of view under your coat. They’re currently popular as camera bags & for cell phones.

  6. kyfho23 says:

    “…and then the cop shot him after asking for his ID, as he reached for his holster wallet….”

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