Dell Ships Padded CD Envelope in Giant Box

I've often gotten boxes from Amazon and other online vendors that were packed as wastefully as these CDs from Dell, as shown on the Technologist for Hire blog. I understand that DVDs can be fragile, but they're not that fragile, and while it frustrates me to have to break down a box for recycling it irks me even more to have to throw out the packing material they often use to pad it out. This guy got it worst than most, receiving 100 boxes from Dell with driver discs he didn't even request for his fleet of corporate PCs. Dell has responded to him saying they intend to review their packaging protocol within a few months. Who is the next egregious waster of packing that should be called out? Dell and the environment: green is out, brown is in [ via Consumerist]
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2 Responses to Dell Ships Padded CD Envelope in Giant Box

  1. Philbert says:

    It would be fair to update this post as the original poster did, with the concrete feedback of what Dell is planning to do.


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