Mini Cloaca: Desktop-Sized Poop Machine

Regine from WMMNA (I love their newish form logo/search box) went to Wim Delvoye's latest installation of his Cloaca series where he was showing off his newest model, "Mini Cloaca." Delvoye's machines take food, grind it up, add it to a slurry of digestive juices, and make—more or less—shit. While previous models were almost industrial-sized, the Mini consumes about as much food as a breakfast meal. I would love to have a Mini Cloaca on my desk, invite people in for meetings, and then activate the machine after they find something I find distasteful. Then I would open the trap door. Wim Delvoye: Cloaca 2000-2007 [] Previously: "Cloaca" Art Installation Produces Own Criticism [BBG]
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4 Responses to Mini Cloaca: Desktop-Sized Poop Machine

  1. w000t says:

    Desktop-sized is a great improvement over the hulking behemoth cloaca machines of a few years ago, but these won’t really catch on until the portable models come out. The hitch seems to be the power requirements – rechargeable batteries don’t work for shit.

  2. dnafrequency says:

    I’m not interested until it automatically makes jenkem.

  3. GalaxyKate says:

    And yet they didn’t make it shaped like a duck. No sense of history.

  4. dculberson says:

    When do they come out with the model that makes a perfect replica of meat with the poop as a waste byproduct?

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