BBtv: Blip Festival, Sweet Spot Candy Expo, More Chip Tunes Artists

It's a me three-for today on BBtv, with a short vlog showing some highlights from this year's Blip Festival, some video of my trip to the place where they fed me candy, and—for those who really want to get to know some of the guys that make the music—a sit-down discussion with some of the luminaries of the chiptunes scene. The first two are in the clip above, while the longer discussion is below. To address the question that's been on everyone's lips over the last couple of days: yes, I have a fantastic collection of scarves. And you guys haven't even seen the pink one, yet. The sound on the second one is rough—the Blip Fest was going on through the walls behind us—and it's not edited down to typical web length just because I wanted to leave it all up for the fans.
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2 Responses to BBtv: Blip Festival, Sweet Spot Candy Expo, More Chip Tunes Artists

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re cool, Joe, I like the stuff you do.

  2. GabeH says:

    AHHH! Why is there a toilet just below that candy display? Also, it sounds like there are a lot of people in that displayroom/bathroom.

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