Yamaha's Giant Fish Tank Trailers

Image: Gizmag.com Yamaha Australia has built two 15-meter long fish tank trailers called the "SupaTanks" to be wheeled around to dealerships and boat shows. Each SupaTank will include 20 live fish. Can fish get car sickness?
The SupaTank is quite unique because it demonstrates all the underwater action when a fish is caught. The Yamaha SupaTank show is designed to both educate families on how to safely and successfully learn to fish along with displaying the fascinating underwater feeding behaviours of fish. In full view of wide-eyed spectators, the fish can be seen stalking and attacking the lures cast by participants from the elevated ‘half-tinny’ casting platform complete with Yamaha four stroke outboard motor.
Yamaha builds a giant fishtank on wheels [Gizmag]
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3 Responses to Yamaha's Giant Fish Tank Trailers

  1. MB says:

    Who cares about motion sickness when you’re about to pull their guts through their mouths for sport?

  2. Scuba SM says:

    There was one of these, but not sponsored by Yamaha, at the Michigan Sportsman Show last year. They used it for fly fishing demonstrations and the like.

  3. mappo says:

    I wonder how many times those same 20 fish will keep biting the lures before they wise up.

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