Modern Mechanix Round-Up

Today on Modern Mechanix we have an psychic automaton from 1924 that reads your thoughts through the "radioplasm". The same page also has a prediction for personal radios that sound a lot like cell phones. Looking for a BBQ or trash burner that doesn't ruin the rustic look of your backyard? Check out this concrete tree stump cooker. In 1950 someone decided to cross a balloon with a kite, and came up with a Kytoon. We also have an article titled "Scientific Hoaxes that Have Fooled the World" as well as a machine that makes ice cream instantly. Lastly we have very odd, unbalanced looking concept car that looks like it was made by welding together the fronts of two other cars.
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  1. Kid says:

    “Keely Motor”, the Steorn of 1898.

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