"P-Per" Concept e-Paper Cellphone

Where do you go in minimalist design beyond the iPhone? For now it seems that flat slabs are the computer object design for the immediate future. But what if the whole slab was a screen? That's a question answered by the "P-Per," a concept from the Chocolate Design Agency showing a phone that is wrapped in an e-Paper display, allowing it to pull off some pretty nifty transparency tricks with its camera. (There's nothing that would stop the iPhone or any other camera phone from doing this to a limited extent right now except for camera refresh rates and the depth of focus.) P-Per Design Concept is Sweet, Shames My iPhone [Swongled via Gizmodo]
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5 Responses to "P-Per" Concept e-Paper Cellphone

  1. karole says:

    Animations Links of E-Paper and P-Per are redirected to these links below:

    E-Paper by Chocolate

    Picture Box by Chocolate

    P-Per by Chocolate

  2. Halloween Jack says:

    #3: What I want is a wearable that takes the images of everyone around me and redresses them so that they’re wearing T-shirts with my image on them. Strong men weep at my appearance, women lick their lips and wink. The moon has a familiar face.

  3. wurp says:

    Not having looked at the device (I’m at work and they’re picky about some things…) I’ll say that it is out of date.

    Clearly the Next Big Thing has to be for the device to go away altogether. I know the basic idea for wearables has been around forever, but it seems to me that the time has come.

    I wanna wear a bluetooth earpiece and cool shades, possibly with [ here’s where my imagination is failing me :-( ] gloves, or fingerless gloves, or (ew) wristbands, and let any surface, including my hand, or no surface, be my interface. Tap the earpiece when you get a phone call, see a dial pad on your palm and tap out the number with the other hand, watch movies on a giant screen hovering in the air…

    (equipment list: bluetooth earpiece, some brick in my pocket or on my belt, glasses w/ minute camera, painted video display, & variable darkness lenses, and gloves)

    Why the hell do I want to dig out a device every time I want mindless entertainment or superficial conversation?

    Ideally, you could then sell any little doohickey with whatever interface you want (switches, knobs, g-spots, …) and all it needs to do is network with some software on the brick to be anything at all…

  4. pork musket says:

    That looks cool, but it’s hard to get excited about vaporware. Everything e-ink and e-paper that has been produced that I’ve seen is gimmicky and overpriced, and doesn’t really take advantage of the non-backlit aspect. The water rippling animation that they showed? Yeah, let me know when that’s possible.

    • Joel Johnson says:

      I dunno, Pork, it’s not that hard to get excited about. :)

      Most of these types of concepts are wanky, I agree, but this one has zazz. Part of it’s the presentation, though, to be sure.

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