Screen Sifter Sunday

For no particular reason, a collection of four videos I have found interesting or amusing. The first, an adventure with Half-Life's Gordon Freeman...'s brother, inspired by a particularly heinous bit of fanfic and animated in Garry's Mod. Next, a demo reel from John Whitney, an pioneering animator who created these video displays with a modified M-5 antiaircraft gun director. Then, a clip (one of ten available on YouTube) of Japanese anti-American propaganda from 1945, in which Americans are portrayed as wobbly-kneed whiners while the Japanese paratroopers are anthropomorphic proto-furries. Finally, in a tenuous connection to gadgetdom, the popular HD documentary series Planet Earth is given a soundtrack comprised almost entirely of the word "fuck."
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3 Responses to Screen Sifter Sunday

  1. certron says:

    It is my duty to spread the word of Concerned:

    The creator of the comic used Gary’s Mod to stage the scenes, with a little photoshoppery. If there wasn’t enough to remind me of the comic in the clip above, using the same character model as the comic helped. Also, each panel typically has some notes in it, too.

    His name is Gordon Frohman. He’s really bad at making purchase orders. He’s not quite a member of the resistance…

  2. License Farm says:

    Exactly three of these are AWESOME. One is, er, pretty.

  3. MadDuck says:

    “Fuck” that was something.

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