Sony's Real Life Holographic Water Monster in Tokyo Bay

To promote an upcoming monster movie, Sony Pictures installed a holographic rig in Tokyo Bay that projects the monster onto a haze of water. What you're seeing in the video wasn't added after the fact—that's actually what it looks like in real life. [via Core77 via Tokyo Times]
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12 Responses to Sony's Real Life Holographic Water Monster in Tokyo Bay

  1. RyanH says:

    That right there just made my week. Man, that looks like it was fun to set up.

  2. morehumanthanhuman says:

    I wonder if it looks flat if you move? I have some ideas for this given the cheap price of projectors…

  3. Not a Doktor says:

    it looks like the starwars holograms

  4. Hanglyman says:

    It looks like it would be right at home in the “Flip City” montage from Ghostbusters 2.

  5. strider_mt2k says:

    Very very cool.

    I’d love to see it personally.

  6. Freevo says:

    It was for a Loch Ness Monster movie, the “water horse”. Very cool though!

  7. Sam the Duck says:

    Is it a hologram, or is it projections onto water?

  8. EdT. says:

    That is awesome!!

    Reminds me of my own crude attempt in Miami:
    Miami Godzilla

  9. pork musket says:

    Hell yeah, it looks like the Jaws ad from Back to the Future II. One step closer to hoverboards, Nike McFlys, and self-drying jackets.

  10. paddysat says:

    In 2004, Disneyland was doing this for a “parade” that they did around Tom Sawyer Island using the all the boats in the water surrounding the island. Don’t know if they still do this or not (Where are the Boing Boing Disney nerds when we need ‘em!?! Dang!).

    I must admit that I thought it was pretty durn cool when I saw it in person.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Holographic, or just projection? Folks have been projecting onto mist for a very long time; last example I saw was at the World’s Fair in ’92. If they’ve found a way to make this a real 3D show I’m impressed, otherwise… well, it’s a nice effect but you need to change the headline.

  12. legomyeggo says:

    The show in Disneyland is “Fantasmic.” It’s arguably better in Disneyworld (auditorium seating). It’s their late night show, usually two per night, and they use three “screens” of water that they project on. Not holographic, but really cool. They use pyrotechnics(sp), live acting and lots of boats in the moat to enhance the show… I highly recommend it.

    If I had to guess, the monster in the water is definitely not holographic.

    -Disney nerd…guilty.

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