The DIY Tractors of Poland

Photographer Lukasz Skapski traveled around Poland to document the hand-built tractors used by many of the nation's farmers who were forced to hoe a DIY row due to the communist's government's inability to provision proper farm equipment. Many of the tractors are built from motorcycles and discarded war machines. Skapski's photos are currently on display at the Zak gallery in Berlin, but Regine has a few examples to share. DIY tractor culture in Poland [WMMNA]
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4 Responses to The DIY Tractors of Poland

  1. Scuba SM says:

    Here’s a tidbit for you:
    After WWII, a number of farmers bought Willys Jeeps, and used them as light duty tractors with minor modifications. PTO units were either standard or very cheaply available for the jeeps, and the jeeps themselves were cheap, rugged, and simple to maintain.

  2. victorvodka says:

    I want to see the collection of homemade Polish lightbulb installers, complete with the numerous subsidiary handles for the dozen or so people who wield it.

  3. 68flh says:

    I love homebrew mechanical stuff like that – I was just about to give BoingBoing a rest for awhile when I saw these great tractors.
    But FYI even if you say DILLIGAF?!? I was going to give BB a break for a while because of excessive Lego/minifig/video game references. WTF….Sci-fi, Steampunk, and real musicians are WAY cooler than Lego and “Rock Band”…I’m sorry… ;-)

  4. strider_mt2k says:

    I was fortunate enough to attend the Kutztown Folk Festival in beautiful Kutztown, Pa. during all theat noise about the release of the iPhone. (retro relief)
    I was delighted at the large display of small to medium-sized antique utility gasoline engines, many of them running examples of machines that were used by farmers over the years.

    As cool as shiny machines are, and as much as I appreciate a well serviced up-to-date piece, there is something special about a (sometimes extremely) improvised machine that has then been made to work hard and continue to do so successfully over a long period of time.

    Not only does it reflect the strengths of the machine itself, but also upon the person or people who have operated and maintained them over time.

    Industrial archaeological chewiness abounds! :D

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