Blip Festival: Reformat the Planet Trailer

"Blip Festival: Reformat the Planet" is a documentary debuting at SXSW next month that delves into the world of chiptunes, using the Blip Festival '06 as a jumping-off point. Looks great. Trailer [Vimeo via Waxeley] PreviouslyBBtv: Blip Festival, Sweet Spot Candy Expo, More Chip Tunes Artists [BBG]
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5 Responses to Blip Festival: Reformat the Planet Trailer

  1. Peter Swimm says:

    Disclosure: Im in this sucker

    You can also see the homepage of the trailer here:

    These guys have been documenting the growth of this little scene out of pocket for almost two years, so please spread the word, and blog, twitter, whatever the trailer as much as possible!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Also in it: the human avatar of This Spartan Life host Damian Lacedamion. I believe his name is Chris Burke.

  3. Jenonymous says:

    Schweeet! I see that the Film Fest overlaps the Music Festival, which I will be in town for. I so hope that I can catch this! Teh kewl. Mkaythxbye! :D

  4. Song says:

    This looks great! I saw Nullsleep and Bit Shifter on tour and was blown away. I wrote a brief interview with Bit Shifter a few months ago, great guy. You can listen to it here:

  5. tiff says:

    Saw this film last summer at The Tank and was thoroughly impressed. It’s a rich look into the history and culture that informs the chiptunes scene. These folks are true artists, and they’re even better when you see them live!

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