Hidden Litter Plant Box

The only way I'd like this "Hidden Litter Planter Box" more is if it could somehow compost the cat leavings into something nutritious for plants. Considering that feline droppings and urine are about the most toxic substance emitted by mammals, I'd say that's unlikely. Until that sweet day when ammonia won't kill a fern, this planter will have to do. Sure, it's tacky, but not any more than any other exposed cat box, a problem that many of you with big houses in the 'burbs may not understand, but apartment dwellers know all too well. (Other designs are available but they're all about as goofy looking.) Prices vary based on materials, but they're all in the $80 to $180 range. Catalog Page [PetsBestProducts.com via Hardware Aisle]
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3 Responses to Hidden Litter Plant Box

  1. robin_hood says:

    Well, you can’t compost in the planter surely, but you can compost cat poop/litter (and yes, meat as well) as long as you keep the pile hot enough and give it enough time.

  2. Hal says:

    could you put a worm farm in there?
    or would that freak the cats out?

  3. margie says:

    I have one of these. It actually doesn’t look as goofy as in the photo. If you put it in the corner with the opening facing the wall, nobody can tell it’s anything other than a plant.

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