Modern Mechanix Round-Up

Today on Modern Mechanix we have this wonderful little blurb about using highly trained pigeons with little cameras strapped to their breast to take aerial photos of targets. Here is another article we posted a few years ago that has a few examples of the pictures they took.  Do you have a dozen aquariums and a pile of tree bark just sitting around doing nothing? Make this, um, attractive aquarium wall for your home.  I have my doubts about whether this giant turbo-plane would ever fly, but it sure would be neat to see. While it may not be a 1/10th scale self powered hummer with a built-in MP3 player, this little motorized car that drives 60 foot concrete track looks like a lot of fun for a little kid. We also have a watch that forgoes the minute hand and this lengthy but flawed article about man's evolution from the apes. Damn that Piltdown Man!
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4 Responses to Modern Mechanix Round-Up

  1. nex says:

    I have my doubts about whether this giant turbo-plane would ever fly, …

    Uh-oh … ;-)

  2. Uncle Geo says:

    During WWII B.F Skinner trained pigeons to peck at pictures of ships on a tiny screen. The pigeons could discriminate between friendly and enemy ships. A contact on their beak and a grid of gold wire on the screen were hooked to a guidance system for a missle the hapless birds were to ride in.

    This avian kamikaze project ever got off the ground, er, so to speak.

  3. CC says:

    One handed wristwatches make even more sense when they are 24 hour watches.

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