Cargo "blu_ray&trade" Makeup for HD Actors

Chad writes:
I don't know what I think is most hilarious about this makeup line: the tech-related concept or that they trademarked blu_ray with an underscore and not a hyphen.  It's the latest technology in "photochromatic pigments with optical blurring."
Sephora is carrying this limited edition collection of make-up from Cargo branded and trademarked "blu_ray," which they claim was "developed in response to the needs of makeup artists shooting in high definition." While I'm confident that the work of makeup artists has become more difficult with the advent of HD, I sort of doubt Cargo has invented anything markedly different than good makeup. The display device on which made-up people are usually seen—reality—has considerably higher definition. It's probably not long for this world anyhow; I can't imagine Sony standing by while someone else tries to trademark "blu_ray" instead of "Blu-ray." Product Page []
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7 Responses to Cargo "blu_ray&trade" Makeup for HD Actors

  1. hep cat says:

    I don’t know anything about these blu_ray cosmetics , but I used to go every year to NAB , and there were always a few booths with newscasters trying out different makeup. It looked like baloney colored spackel to the naked eye but pretty good on camera compared to un-made-up people who looked like they were dead. TV newsroom lighting is pretty harsh to bring out texture and look “sharp” whereas film light is often pretty soft, so I can well imagine that there is HD makeup that looks good on camera and awful anywhere else, just like the old stuff.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think that this is actually a joke. Notice the eyeliner bottle, right near the screwtop: XD

  3. the specialist says:

    its the old baffle em with bullshit con. people would rather agree (easy, lazy) with someone telling them something they don’t understand than make any effort to investigate or question the con.

    doctors do the same thing – intentionally use cryptic language so they appear ‘special’.

    “Now with even MORE SNIGLITZ!!!”

  4. License Farm says:

    Also, as nifty as HD is, is it any more detailed than traditional movie photography? If not, I don’t see how anything more than traditional movie makeup is necessary. Are blu_ray cosmetics cheaper knockoffs of movie makeup? That’s the only selling point I can imagine.

  5. jimh says:

    Don’t know much about makeup, but in answer to #1, yes it shows much more detail.

    I recently heard David Lynch talking about HD. He said that he was watching a sci-fi short, and in the background on what was supposed to be a metal console there were clearly wood screws. He said that it will be much more difficult to build sets for HD. He went on to say that he prefers lower quality digital BECAUSE it lacks the ability to provide such details.

    Filmmakers rely on some information being to small to capture, so that the viewer will fill in the picture. If the camera catches every detail- there will be many more distractions and opportunities to burst the bubble of suspended disbelief. A little Vaseline on the lens is sometimes a good thing.

  6. nex says:

    Actually, made-up people are usually seen much more frequently on TV than in reality ;-p

  7. angelakeen says:

    I recently retired early as a TV news anchor. Before I left the biz, I learned HDTV Airbrush makeup from the original inventor Dina Ousley in Los Angeles. Dina invented “Dinair” which is pretty much only used professionally. If you want HDTV makeup it must be “airbrushed” on! This compact makeup from Cargo is just a marketing ploy. Airbrush pixelates. Compact makeup can’t do that. Sorry… However, it is a catchy marketing concept.

    Angela Keen

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