Surprise! Magic Gas Additive Executive a Big Gasbag

Screwball Stephen Moss—C.E.O. of "Firepower International," a company that makes a magic pill that they purport will "increase fuel efficiency and reduce pollution" when stuffed inside the gas tank of your automobile—knows an idiot when he reads one. The Sydney Morning Herald has been taking Firepower Intl. to the mat for several months, running stories about Firepower's links to Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, its colossal funding, and its suspicious lack of test results that would show its fuel additive actually works. Dan "'s Data" Rutter has been commenting on the Morning Herald's work for several months now, which is how I was made aware of this latest pretender to the "I Fixed Gasoline" throne. That was cause enough for Moss to send a threatening email demanding Rutter remove any "defamatory statements" regarding Firepower's product, as well as post an apology. It's typical blowhard dickbag stuff—and does little to lend any credibility to the already less-than-credible company. Here's my advice for Moss: Put your miracle product on the market, make lots of money, and forget about all the little people who doubted your genius. Firepower threaten to sue me! [Dan's Data]
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2 Responses to Surprise! Magic Gas Additive Executive a Big Gasbag

  1. Anonymous says:

    My Mother got sold some of these pills, and used them in her 2005 Chrysler Minivan. No measurable increase in mileage, but a $200 bill for cleaning the junk out of the fuel injectors.
    L.W. in Florida

  2. ill lich says:

    I remember some guy hawking fuel-efficiency-increasing gas additives years ago. At my crappy teenage job, my boss bought some to try out, didn’t seem to do anything, burned OK in those construction-site heaters, but smelled god-awful.

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