Apple TV HD Rental Quality Pretty Good, Says iLounge

iLounge takes a look at Apple TV HD downloads, Blu-ray, DVD, and HD cable on-demand movies. In short, the Blu-ray looks best (duh), but Apple TV's HD beats out HD cable by a slim but noticeable margin. I still have no desire for an Apple TV until it can play streamed Divx over my network. Then again my big LCD is hooked up to a PC, so it's not like I do much streaming into the projector these days anyway. (My projector and Time Warner DVR have become mostly "The American Idol Experience" since I got the Westinghouse LCD.) (And no, you can't tell any difference in my resized image above.) Apple TV 2.0 vs. Blu-Ray, DVD & HD Cable: The Comparison [] PreviouslyMy Wildly Inaccurate Look at Movie Distribution in 2007 [BBG]
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3 Responses to Apple TV HD Rental Quality Pretty Good, Says iLounge

  1. stuiethegod says:

    odd… from your resized photos the color quality looks better on the hd cable pic. The appletv shot looks all blue tinted.

  2. teuthis says:

    Furthering comment #2, I can see that some people on the lawn are blurred away in the appletv shot. It just looks compressed to me. Or is that all from you resizing?

    Oh well, I’m a buy-a-DVD-and-keep-it kind of person anyway. I hate subscription services.

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