For Reel: Japanese Phone Game Rewards with Whole, Raw Fish

A fishing cellphone game in Japan rewards some winners with real, raw fish delivered fresh to their door.
When a fish takes the bait, the player is sent to a slot machine screen where, if luck prevails and 3 numbers line up appropriately, the virtual fish is hooked and reeled in. A message is then relayed to the wholesaler, who picks up the real-world equivalent from the local seafood market and delivers it, whole and raw, to the player’s doorstep.
If videogames start rewarding you with actual food I am doomed. Going to get grub is about the only thing that gets me out of the house already! Ippon Zuri: Catch-and-eat fishing by phone [Pink Tentacle via Gizmodo]
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3 Responses to For Reel: Japanese Phone Game Rewards with Whole, Raw Fish

  1. Paul Coleman says:

    I could just see the conversation with my wife.

    Wife: “Stop playing that game.”
    Me: “But dear…I’m trying to get us supper.”

  2. MeaningOfLife says:

    They should make it for those lonely Japanese men to have a chance to catch a mermaid, and the wholesaler sends a call girl to their home.

  3. pork musket says:

    In America, the game would be a lot like Burger Time. Earn enough McPoints and be rewarded with free burgers and shakes! No delivery service either; winners will have to grease up the van doors and slime their way to the local franchise. To conclude, Japan has ninjas and we have American Gladiators.

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