Space Shuttle Bed Looks Vaguely Like Space Shuttle

This "Space Shuttle Bed" looks vaguely like our aging reusable launch vehicle, likely complete with suspicious creaking noises. It's $2,600 for the bed, but can also be upgraded with a full "Launch Tower" playset on the side for an additional $5k. Call me cynical, but do kids even really know what NASA is anymore? It's not like it's ever in the news unless something blows up. Also, parents: When I was a youngster my mom got me a "bed tent" similar to these $50 ones on Amazon. I think mine was in the shape of a apatosaurus, but it served as a secret fortress, a space ship, and a wandering barbarian's cave just fine. Product Page [ via Oh Gizmo via Nerd Approved]
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6 Responses to Space Shuttle Bed Looks Vaguely Like Space Shuttle

  1. License Farm says:

    I had a Transformers bed tent. I think I slept in it until I was 16.

  2. codeloss says:

    The kid on the top bunk is going to burn up on re-entry.

  3. Not a Doktor says:

    looks like the front of a light rail train

  4. sonny p fontaine says:

    throttle up…

  5. Ryan Rapolsive says:

    Wasn’t this in the movie “Problem Child”?

  6. albedo says:

    Looks more like a Star Trek 1.0 shuttle.

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