Everex CloudBook First Impressions Not Good

Laptop mag got their hands on a Everex CloudBook sub-notebook this morning, the $400 Asus Eee fighter that has a built-in 30GB hard drive instead of the Eee's all-solid-state rig up. I have (had?) high hopes for the CloudBook, but the first impressions don't sound that good:
The pointing device: The touchpad is a tiny stretch of plastic in the most awkward place you can possibly imagine, on the right above the keyboard. The left and right mouse buttons are on the left side above the keyboard, forcing you to use two hands to navigate and click.
That's a really, really bizarre decision. I don't know why I hadn't noticed that from the press images before. Also, Laptop is having issues even getting the thing setup, software-wise. CloudBook Unboxing and Very First Impressions [Blog.LaptopMag.com]
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5 Responses to Everex CloudBook First Impressions Not Good

  1. Fnarf says:

    “Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy Packard Bell”.

  2. liveartwork says:

    I have what I think is basically the same machine, a Packard Bell XS20 which have been on sale in the UK and Holland since around last October.

    The touchpad works surprisingly well. Personally I found it an innovative rather than bizarre placement. It does require the use of two hands, which can be a bit tricky, but on the plus side it means you can effectively use it while holding the machine.

    I have found my XS20 incredibly useful, I am just a bit browned off that I paid 600 Euro for it and the Cloudbook is only $400.

  3. Jake0748 says:

    Completely off the subject, but WOW… they still sell Packard Bell machines in Europe. They disappeared (to to the delight of many of us) from the US years ago.
    The first system I ever owned was a Packard Bell 486, and I had a lot of fun with it. I learned how to do all the basic hardware stuff on that machine, upgrading the RAM, CPU, hard drive, etc. etc. But in later years I found them to be of pretty shoddy construction and hated having to work on them.

    I’m just surprised they’re still around.

  4. klimegreen says:

    I think the EEE is a better product. Not too thrilled with the overall sub-notebook market… not until Apple jumps in… can you imagine a Macbook Air sub-notebook?

  5. ferg says:

    With regard to the first comment, my HTPC (Mythtv) has a wireless keyboard with a trackball on the right and similar left/right mouse buttons on the left. These make is fairly easy to hold the keyboard and navigate with the mouse. Not sure what the benefit is for a laptop, but it does work.

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