Exclusive: Leapfrog Crammer, an MP3 Player for Students

Although Leapfrog had recently shown off their two new handheld gaming systems, the Leapster 2 and Didj, one new product they haven't yet announced—until now—is the "Crammer," a 1GB portable media player with the ability to integrate pre-programmed flashcards and machine-pronounced vocabulary words. While it's far from the most advanced music player out there—it's got a low-rez monochrome screen, for one—it's not meant to kill the iPod, but to instead give middle schoolers and teens a way to listen to music while they cram for tests. The Crammer's interface is navigated using a rocking screen (like the iRiver Clix) as well as two buttons on the top—pressing on the corners of the screen itself like a giant D-pad moves the cursor. Vocabulary and flashcard questions are programmed in using a Windows- or Mac-based software interface.
There is only 1GB of storage on the Crammer, which isn't a ton, but it's plenty for a few albums. (Leapster's booth rep said they may consider a future version that can accept expanded flash memory chips.) But the MSRP is only $60—an easily sell by kids who want to give their parents an excuse to purchase their first MP3 player. The Crammer will be available in the Fall. Curiously it appears to transcode all music into Ogg Vorbis for native playback on the device. (At least I presume they transcode; surely they don't expect 3rd to 8th graders to be sitting on a big collection of Ogg files.) Full press release and another picture of the interface after the jump.
Crammer™ Study and Sound System Available Fall 2008 | Ages 3rd to 8th grade | MSRP: $59.99 The Crammer study tool packs test prep and digital music into a pocket-sized device for grade-schoolers on-the-go. More than 31,000 mathematics, social studies and science questions, based on leading textbooks, are only a touch away using Crammer’s sleek click-screen. And the included PC- and Mac- compatible LeapFrog® Connect Application allows kids to upload content to the USB-enabled Crammer handheld, then create and store millions of customized digital flashcards for any subject area. A Spanish translator comes on board, along with two games and space for up to 10 hours of music. As part of the LeapFrog Learning Path, parents can connect the Crammer system to the computer to see how engaged their kids are in studying, and kids can choose to share their by-quiz performance. Technical Specifications Processor ARM7 @ 81 MHz Display 2.5” FSTN 160x120 8-level grayscale Adjustable brightness Audio Jack for earbuds or external speaker Music Playback codec is Ogg-Vorbis, 44.1 kHz, 64 kbps Other audio is encoded in ADPCM Memory 1 GB NAND Flash 8 MB SDRAM
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8 Responses to Exclusive: Leapfrog Crammer, an MP3 Player for Students

  1. Anonymous says:

    I totly want a crammer! They look great!

  2. Anonymous says:

    ah, perfect for cheating with :D I want!

  3. Anonymous says:

    for the one posted 6

    u can buy it at target

    i got it for $14.98

    so get one what are you waiting for

  4. certron says:

    The design reminds me a good deal like the Mattel(?) JuiceBox. Hopefully, with the focus on being a study aid as well as being an audio player, as well as being inherently computer-connected, will help it gain some traction. A color screen would have been nice, yes, or maybe some e-paper so you can take it outside, but it looks like a nice little device.

  5. iguy7206 says:

    for the person who posted comment #4, that on the bottom is the logo for the leapfrog fly pentop computer line. my guess is they intended it to be part of the fly line as fly systems mostly are meant for tween to teen study on different subjects. However, as you can see on the very bottom picture, they must have removed it from the fly line and made it it’s own line. So I am pretty sure I wont see the fly logo if I ever buy one, as the ones in the middle picture are prototype.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I wish I had one of this gadget during my schooling days….. :P

    Man Fashion

  7. strider_mt2k says:

    They should make a movie about the breakup of a marriage between two of these.

    I’d call it: Gunsmoke

  8. Anonymous says:

    That logo on the bottom of the unit looks like a chick’s head with a pair of giant bazongas in a bikini top. How am I supposed to study with those staring me in the face?

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