Galley: New York Toy Fair '08

Here are several photos I shot this morning at the New York Toy Fair. There's a lot of LEGO in there, as well as some generic shots of products from around the floor. It was amazing how full Javits was with vendors—easily the largest expo I've ever attended there. There was a lot of junk: heaping piles of cheaply molded figurines, rows of dolls and stuffed horses, and all manner of strange building blocks. On the whole, though, a recommended show for those interested in toys, especially toys that with more of a turn toward the toddler. (There was a serious lack of action figures, for one.)
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9 Responses to Galley: New York Toy Fair '08

  1. Pink Thing says:

    I hoped for more pics of stuffed toys… were there lots there? If each of them were to be given a free blog we’d hear more about their views

  2. Antinous says:

    Pink Thing,

    Please don’t link to your blog in your comments. Your blog goes on your profile page. And a signature line is unnecessary as your name appears with your comment.


  3. License Farm says:

    I had a very visceral “aww” reaction to the dolls with the “everything is going to be all right” shirts. I also like the Twilight Turtle, though I’m guessing only the head and paws are cuddly, which seems to defeat the purpose of having anything cuddly on it in the first place. (See: Teddy Ruxpin)

  4. Blind Zen Archer says:


    Those “Bioloid” toys look really neat! I assume it’s some kind of modular robot construction kit?

    Will we get to see more about them soon?

  5. Bevatron Repairman says:

    Was that Warcraft Lego there at the end?

  6. maryr says:

    I’m getting a “No such photos found!” message.

  7. Qozmiq says:

    Where did you get this Flickr Module? Some sorrt of Joomla or Mambo Addon?

  8. frankiez says:

    @BLIND Bioloid is already onsale in USA and EUROPE. This robot system has been presented 2 years ago at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. This year Robotis showed URIA: a new robot meant for the research laboratories.

    @BEVATRON If I’m not wrong these characters are part of the Castle new lineup.

    New York Toy Fair is some way easier to visit than Nuremberg since the German fair is like 5 times bigger and it’s not easy to navigate trough all the huge halls and find what you are looking for…
    Highlights of the Lego lineup, beside the 50th celebration Set with a GOLD BRICK, are the new Bionicle big spaceships and the Indiana Jones new temple (I posted some pictures on my blog) that is not in the 2008 catalog. Anyway my feeling is that LEGO has finally found new designers that have created great new sets. Since the first Star Wars LEGO set I din’t find so many good sets and every line got great new additions. So 2008 looks bright for the Denmark bricks!

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