Eyeclops Bug Vac Makes Backyard Entomology Slightly Less Squicky

Eyeclops, the cheap magnifying camera that attaches to your TV, has announced additions to the line-up for '08, including a replaceable lens for greater magnification and the "Bug Vac," essentially a small Dustbuster-like contraption with which to capture insects for closer study. One your bug is inside, you can pop the vacuum top and replace it with the Eyeclops camera itself. Product Page [Jakks.com via Gizmodo]
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3 Responses to Eyeclops Bug Vac Makes Backyard Entomology Slightly Less Squicky

  1. Daemon says:

    I remember catching bees and other attack-capable bugs by the dozen with nothing more than a jar with a lid…

    I can see this being more usefull for those adults who, apon seeing a spider in the house yell for backup.

  2. Halloween Jack says:

    OK, an “in my day” rant here: part of the whole point of backyard bug collection is the “squicky” part, if by “squicky” you mean “not clad in a hazmat suit”. I mean, what sort of OCD kid needs a dustbuster to get his bugs? The kind whom even the geeks would beat up for their lunch money, I think.

  3. DrSchnauzer says:

    Is it me or does this thing look like Pac Man?

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