Modern Mechanix Round-Up

Recently on Modern Mechanix we looked at this 1939 radio-fax machine that picked up a broadcast from a local radio station and printed out the morning newspaper right in your living room.  During WWII the U.S. navy deployed really crazy looking "dazzle" camouflage on some of it's ships. If you have a gajillion giant rubber bands and a whole lot of time on your hands,  I'd love to see someone actually build one of these midget cars powered by a sixteen-cylinder band motor. Supposedly it can travel up to three miles on one winding. Lose an expensive piece of radium? Better make sure it didn't get eaten by a pig.  In 1933 this dairy was producing milk cartons that are virtually identical to the ones you buy in the supermarket today. We also have musical instruments from around the world, a bicycle you ride by swaying from side to side, a helmet mounted radio,  a jiggling frame massager and  a not-so-compact organ for your home.
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