Reader Red Got a New Flashlight

Red sent in this brief recommendation for the Fenix P3d Cree Q5 Premium flashlight:
I'm not a shill...just a geek that over-researches every purchase. I just received my Fenix P3d Cree Q5 Premium flashlight. I don't know what more to say than it is tiny, crazy bright, and feels very durable. It's a 4.5-inch flashlight that is as bright or brighter than the huge, police-style Mag Lights.
I like the hex grip on the barrel. The P3d Q5 has six different modes, including several levels of brightness and a strobe. Strangely enough, I cannot find out how to order one from their website, nor the price. As with all these vanity super-torches, I'd expect it to be fairly expensive. Product Page []
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10 Responses to Reader Red Got a New Flashlight

  1. Writerdog says:

    I own this flashlight (in black)…and it’s awesome. Pricey, yes. But it is a marvelous piece of technology and engineering, very practical, and makes me happy every time I use it. Bought it through the Fenix-Store.

  2. exvaxman says:

    I have dealt with for many things, including flashlights. Great customer service, if a shipment is delayed due to stock, you get notifications, and in a dozen or so orders, only one issue, and they fixed that as soon as they got an email from me. One of the better outfits to deal with.

  3. Halloween Jack says:

    Your correspondent is sort of missing the point of “the huge, police-style Mag Lights”; it’s for security guards to have a big, club-style weapon that ostensibly isn’t a weapon in jurisdictions that heavily regulate such things.

  4. cha0tic says:

    Available in the UK I’ve not dealt with the company (Heinnie Haynes) I just have their site book marked for drooling over every once in a while :)

  5. Anonymous says:
    On sale $62.50
    Free shipping if you buy $99.00 from their site

  6. idyll23 says:

    you can also check DealExtreme for listings of other Cree equipped flashlights. I can’t say I’ve personally ordered one of them, but the individual reviews lend a lot of details to the products.

  7. w000t says:

    I like my Inova X1 better. It’s sufficiently bright for routine use and has been running for more than a year now on the single AA battery that came with it. Thanks to the use of a AA form-factor battery I can get cheap replacements at any retail store, use rechargeables, get fancy lithiums, or scavenge them from remotes if the power goes out and I need a light. Specialty cells for flashlights may maximize performance, but with flashlights, convenience actually matters.

  8. 2wheels says:

    The best site to buy Fenix lights from is called The Fenix Store The owner, 4sevens on flashlight forums, is a great guy and has great customer service. I’ve been carrying a Fenix since their first (second really) model the L1P. People are blown away by my tiny P1, which is a dinosaur since it is over a year old. It uses 1 123 Lithium cell and a 3W Luxeon emitter.


  9. Comedian says:

    I have a Fenix L2D CE that I bought from early last year. It is not as bright as the P3D, but it has the benefit of using plain ‘ole AA batteries, while the P3D takes lithium 123A photo batteries.

    Fenix-Store wants $67.50 (shipping apparently included) for the P3D Premium Q5 with a green anodized finish.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Google search turns up Amazon among others.

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