HP UMPC 2133 Looks Like 12-Inch Powerbook Reborn

While it could be a fake, Engadget has gotten these images of the HP UMPC 2133, or as I like to call it "What I really hoped the Macbook Air would be." 8.9-inch display, nearly full-sized QWERTY keyboard, ExpressCard slot—all in a 2.5-pound package. It's enough to make me consider switching to Windows on my portables. As Engadget notes, it's amusing how the solution to the UMPC-class computers' lack of keyboard input turns out to be...a keyboard. HP's UMPC 2133 revealed [Engadget]
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12 Responses to HP UMPC 2133 Looks Like 12-Inch Powerbook Reborn

  1. Chevan says:

    Hmm. Neat.

    I just wish I had a use for an ExpressCard slot.

  2. Dave says:

    You don’t have to switch to Windows on your portables. I’m sure this will be able to run Ubuntu Linux just fine. Dell is even offering Ubuntu preinstalled on their smallest (and bestest) portables now. Yea Dell!


    They even knock off the Windows tax for those.

    • Joel Johnson says:

      Unlike some of my esteemed colleagues, I tend to find using Linux in my day to day life a real chore. But it has been about a year since I tried Ubuntu, so I probably should stick a toe back in at some point.

  3. phreatic says:

    The small sony viao tx series looks nicer, weighs about the same and is only a tiny bit larger. That is what I have and I have been really really happy with it. The screen is amazing and I’ve had my battery last between 6 and 7 hours with some of the power saving options.
    It was pretty expensive though.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is way too large for many to want to buy it. HP should have just looked at their past results in the mobile segment of windows ce for a direction. This device looks like their old 820 which sold very few compared to the jacket size jornada 720.

    Most mobile business people just want a simple touch type computer but would love to have it small enough to fit in a coat pocket. That is what the Jornada did. It provided a keyboard that was touch type and if you combine that with full windows HP would sell millions but this device I doubt will sell very well.

  5. nex says:

    OK, so maybe theoretically this could be fake, but if I was faking it, I would make the screen span the entire width of the lid (minus the rims dictated by technical limitations of course) instead of putting in this measly 8.9″ screen. This screen is a joke.

  6. Mignon says:

    Awww, it’s cute. Maybe I’m seeing what I want to see, but something about the styling reminds me of my HP Omnibook 800CT. Kinda neat that they would maintain that essence after so many years.


  7. mobilesalesman says:

    HP is making a huge blunder. Mainstream users want a umpc to bridge the gap between a PDA and a laptop. This is basically a cheap laptop. What they should have done is use the popular Jornada 720 clamshell that was about 3.6″ x 7.3″ x 1.3″. It provided a touch type keyboard and still was able to stow in a jacket pocket. This bulkly laptop umpc needs to be virtually given away as I see no value.

  8. Thinkerer says:

    What goes around comes around — Dell marketed (and I have, though it no longer works) a little `386/W95 laptop that was about this size and even had a marble-sized trackball. Still my favorite portable machine of all time — if this HP unit gets underway, I’ll be among the first in line!

  9. jamietie says:

    I really hope this is 1) real, 2) priced competitively and 3) available soon. I’m going on a trip in early May, and this is the solution I’ve been looking for, so I don’t have to lug around a 6-pound Dell laptop or shell out all kinds of cash for an ultraportable

  10. Josh Smith says:

    I’m with you Jamietie, I need a new laptop very soon and this looks like it could fit the bill perfectly. I hope we get some more news soon especially pricepoint and some specs.

  11. Matthew Miller says:

    I don’t think you’d be running Photoshop on this thing, or any other big proprietary apps for that matter. What else is there that keeps you to Windows?

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