MAKE Is All Over Toy Fair '08

PT is over on the MAKE blog doing a great job with actual hands-on reports of cool stuff from the New York Toy Fair. Tons and tons of science-oriented toys and project kits. I figure the intersection between BBG readers and MAKE readers is pretty large, but just in case, it bears mentioning that my handier cousin is doing yeoman's work. Toy Fair '08 Coverage []
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2 Responses to MAKE Is All Over Toy Fair '08

  1. acipolone says:

    I use the Snap Circuits kit for my Intro to Music Technology class in order to help explain oscillators and analog circuits.

    That picture, though, looks like something from the 70s. Haha.

  2. pt says:

    it was extremely hard to go through all the crap, literally, to get to the good stuff — there were 7,000 of so booths of sad.

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