Aftermarket Gauge Mount Replaces Air Vents

These will appeal to a very small subset of readers, but I find the implementation to be slick enough to merit note: Roush, an aftermarket company for cars, is selling these relatively inexpensive clips for Ford Mustangs and F-150s that allow you to mount a standard gauge in an air vent rather than clipping it onto the dash or pillar as is typical. As it's just a clip of plastic it'd be nice to see these as factory options for all performance inclined vehicles, but since most auto manufacturers like to pretend their cars don't get modded (and modders like to pretend they haven't violated their warranty) it's probably not likely. Product Page [] via Jalopnik]
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8 Responses to Aftermarket Gauge Mount Replaces Air Vents

  1. strider_mt2k says:

    I want one that displays air vent temperature.

  2. kostia says:

    My brother did this himself in his S4, carved out the vent and ran the new gauge in. It looks pretty slick if you don’t examine it super close.

  3. LarryW says:

    Raunch makes them? Is that a jab at Roush?

  4. jburris says:

    companies have made these for years (i bought one in 97 or 98 for a miata) for various audi models, mostly the TT’s round vents but several for a4/s4 square vents. and like i said, mazda miatas.

  5. dculberson says:

    I want one that shows number of zombies destroyed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You should know more than anyone that modifying your vehicle does NOT violate the warranty of any part not directly affected by the modification.

    its not “pretending” its actually part of many warranty laws.

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