Robot Coupe Bread Slicer and Other Industrial Food Making Machines

Unless you've stockpiled dozens of cases of Concord Grape Goober in your larder, you'll likely find the £1,400 "Robot Coupe" to be a bit more bread slicer than your average kitchen requires. Cram a rod of French bread in the Robot Coupe and you'll find up to 180 slices in the hamper in just a minute, provided you have a loaf that is at least 1.44 meters long—the Coupe can cut slices from 8mm to 80mm thickness. (Look at me with my big ol' calculator!) The Oobject gallery (linked below) from which the slicer was pulled is full of over a dozen similar examples of industrial cooking machines, like a "small (read: not small) juicy meat bun maker" and a "generic fried snack food machine." They all make me wish my spring-loaded jaw were rated for a higher snack-per-second intake rate. Catalog Page [ via Oh Gizmo via Oobject]
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