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Today on Modern Mechanix we look at this cigarette factory built into a tobacco can, an electric head warmer for people who sleep out doors, anti-shrapnel goggles, a pressure sack used to save divers, and some pretty luxurious looking airplane accommodations. ¬†Also, learn about the latest feats of plant breeders from this 1936 Popular Mechanics article. It’s well worth it just for the picture of the woman giddily holding a two and a half foot cucumber.

Yesterday we looked at this weird looking collar, plans for a floating ice-island in the middle of the Atlantic, twisted chimneys that blow smoke rings, a professor who teaches his class via microwave radio, a man’s dubious claim that he can tell what sex a chicken will be by holding a coil wrapped cork over the egg, and a 1934 Modern Mechanix feature about the vast array of guns kept by movie studio armorers for use in films. Also check out this this interesting, photo rich, ¬†article about the Civilian Conservation Corps, one of F.D.R’s programs designed to help whip the depression.

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