Video: Legend of Zelda Song Played on Carrot Ocarina

"Heita3" makes musical instruments from vegetables. He's made a lovely ocarina from a rather large carrot and played one of the short themes from The Ocarina of Time. Kotaku has some more videos from Heita3, who also has made a pan flute from carrots, a radish slide whistle, and more ocarinas from broccoli and mushrooms. Zelda Song Played ON A FRIGGIN' CARROT [Kotaku] PreviouslyVegetable orchestra [BB]
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2 Responses to Video: Legend of Zelda Song Played on Carrot Ocarina

  1. Patrick Dodds says:

    It’s the Christmas broccoli you want to watch – he has an invisible assistant to help provide that medieval feel.

  2. License Farm says:

    He should go all Hendrix/Townsend/Cobain at the end and eat his instrument.

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