Nike + iPod Stats Tracking Coming to Gym Cardio Machines

The Nike + iPod platform has been an odd duck from the beginning, one of the few partnerships into which Apple has entered that seems beneficial to another brand besides Apple. And I've had it on good word from people who run that the Nike Plus system can add quite a bit to those interested in statistics showing their progress. It was an easy and relatively inexpensive way to add stats tracking to something many runners were already using. Buying gym-quality cardio equipment, however, is expensive, which is exactly what Nike and Apple are suggesting gym operators do to take part in the next phase of the partnership. New machines from Life Fitness, Precor, Star Trac, and Technogym will allow users to plug in their iPod nano into the console to record their workout data, all of which will be integrated onto the web site. Adding the technology to the machines shouldn't cost that much—just a slot for the iPod, a dock connector, and an interface to dump the data in a compatible format (something Apple is surely providing to the equipment manufacturers). Unfortunately, these sorts of machines are extraordinarily expensive, often several thousand dollars per unit, and gym operators are loathe to replace them before they have to. Which is to say, in my typical authoritative style: maybe. Maybe eventually. But it'll be a couple of years, I suspect, before the Nike + iPod platform sees any real penetration anywhere but newly opened gyms. (And I say that as someone who might actually use the platform now, as I can't run without destroying my knees and shins, but will use cardio machines.) Nike + iPod Experience Coming To A Gym Near You []
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2 Responses to Nike + iPod Stats Tracking Coming to Gym Cardio Machines

  1. Mister Staal says:

    I don’t know about the other brands mentioned, but Precor has iPod docks available for their equipment already, complete with a composite video cable to connect the iPod to the equipment’s integrated LCD screen.

  2. sanjoselady says:

    Though this is a nice idea, something better has been around for the last 10 years, FitLinxx, and you don’t have to do much more then sign in, even better, FitLinxx keeps track of your weight lifting, including having your range, setting and previous weight lifted all stored. Fitlinxx is even connected to exercise classes so once you log in the system logs your workout, and no, you don’t have to go home and upload the information.

    FitLinxx can be accessed at the gym or at home via computer, thus making this a far superior system. And no, I do not work for FitLinxx, I just have used it for years and love all of the features.

    And guess which health organization has been using this system? That cutting edge organization known as the YMCA ; )

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