Silverlit V-Beat Air Drums

Silverlit, a manufacturer perhaps best known for its tiny R/C helicopters, has released the "V-Beat Air Drums" to accompany its Air Guitar. Motion sensors in the sticks let you make noises without actually hitting anything, which might be a good idea depending on how well they are calibrated. Oh, who I am fooling? Just watch the video, try not to vomit from the kerrraaazeeee zooming camera, and enjoy the soulless simulacrum of the Pops Musax. There's apparently some sort of foot pedal involved, too, although unless it can be attached to a shoe so one could walk down the street playing drums at the pace of your stride...Hey! That sounds rad, actually! Just the thing to lure out a cadre of flamboyantly coiffed breakdancers for an impromptu dance hustle. You know, the longer I go without putting my hands on these Air Drums, the better they get. They're £30. Let me know if you get a chance to play with them. Catalog Page [ via Coolest Gadget]
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8 Responses to Silverlit V-Beat Air Drums

  1. historyman68 says:

    I expected the video to be bad… but not this bad

  2. brentm says:

    There’s got to be a specific name for a product or a general product area that consistently fails to perform it’s stated function. Example: various companies have been making these same drum stick things for at least 20 years and the only thing they actually do well is increase my desire for a workable version.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes, it is a Toy. The quality is low. The sensors do not work very well. For 60 bucks, you cannot really expect much..

  4. loops says:

    From the product page:
    Want to lay down some heavy grooves but no room for a drum kit? No problem – with the new V Beat Drums!

    That’s a joke. This product is a toy, just like the iPod Digital Drumsticks I’ve tried.

    Great for kids I guess…

  5. toxonix says:

    Wow thats terrible. I did vomit. Partially from the camera work, but also the music and the ripped off concept. This is so dumb, I can’t say any more about it.

  6. deejayqueue says:

    Oh My God, I’m drowning in terrible midi music!

  7. kfreud says:

    they already made these in the 80s… they were called hit stix.

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