Crackery Tableware "Celebrates Imperfections"

This is totally not a gadget, but it's been sitting in my feed reader for a couple of days and I keep revisiting it thinking about it in the context of reusing technology, so perhaps you'll find it quietly inspiring, as well. Brazilian/Israeli designer Joana Meroz takes old, cracked china, paints it with lovely gold-stemmed flowers, and reglazes the cups and plates to "celebrate their imperfections." She then sells them on her website as "Crackery Tableware." Crackery Tableware [Cool Hunting]
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One Response to Crackery Tableware "Celebrates Imperfections"

  1. HeartlessMachine says:

    This is a great new spin on an old Japanese tradition of filling the cracks in pottery with gold, as they believe the IMperfection is the source of the beauty. My girlfriend loves the new spin, and I love the old tradition.

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